This web-app was designed with the intent of aiding people in general with a strong desire to learn a second language. I had been planning on building this site for many years, but I always kept procrastianting. However, I must confess, and tell you that I had first to overcome many technological hurdles which had impeded its deployment. The site's basic design consists on first registering to obtain its full benefits which include, having the abilty to take language placement tests, which will measure your target language proficientcy level for written, listening and comprehention skills. This may be used to asses your placement level at any language training institution. It is my sincere hope that others might be interested in improving the site. Please, feel free to comment and review the site. A word of advice, the site is still under construction, so I am improving it as I find glitches and other issues. Please, be patient.
So without further ado, register and enjoy!

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